Best Quotes by Andrew Lang (Top 10)

  1. He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp posts - for support rather than for illumination.
  2. You can cover a great deal of country in books.
  3. An unsophisticated forecaster uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts - for support rather than for illumination.
  4. O grant me a house by the beach of a bay, Where the waves can be surly in winter, and play With the sea-weed in summer, ye bountiful powers! And I'd leave all the hurry, the noise, and the fray, For a house full of books, and a garden of flowers.
  5. ...remember that the danger that is most to be feared is never the danger we are most afraid of.
  6. I am the batsman and the bat, / I am the bowler and the ball, / The umpire, the pavilion cat, / The roller, pitch, and stumps, and all.
  7. Why should I laugh?' asked the old man. 'Madness in youth is true wisdom. Go, young man, follow your dream, and if you do not find the happiness that you seek, at any rate you will have had the happiness of seeking it.
  8. Again, if there are really no fairies, why do people believe in them, all over the world? The ancient Greeks believed, so did the old Egyptians, and the Hindoos, and the Red Indians, and is it likely, if there are no fairies, that so many different peoples would have seen and heard them?
  9. He missed an invaluable opportunity to hold his tongue.
  10. Life's more amusing than we thought.

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