Best Quotes by Andrew Vachss (Top 10)

  1. Life is a fight, but not everyone’s a fighter. Otherwise, bullies would be an endangered species.
  2. Cats are the lap-dancers of the animal world. Soon as you stop shelling out, they move on, find another lap. They're furry little sociopaths. Pretty and slick — in love with themselves. When's the last time you saw a seeing-eye cat?
  3. A kid in an abusive home has far fewer rights than any POW. There is no Geneva Convention for kids.
  4. Stealing to eat ain’t criminal—stealing to be rich is.
  5. Family' is not just a biological word, it's an an operative one.
  6. Be he the first to stand or the last, a man must stand," the father had told his adoring son. "And if there is only one man, then that man must stand alone." ~Thomas to Bruce Wayne
  7. When you hunt predators, the best camouflage is weakness.
  8. It's the family you choose that counts.
  9. A dog is like a person—he needs a job and a family to be what he’s meant to be.
  10. The more bullets flying, the less accurate each individual slug has to be.

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