Best Quotes by Ben Stein (Top 10)

  1. The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want.
  2. Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows.
  3. Screaming at children over their grades, especially to the point of the child's tears, is child abuse, pure and simple. It's not funny and it's not good parenting. It is a crushing, scarring, disastrous experience for the child. It isn't the least bit funny.
  4. Faith is not believing that God can. It is knowing that God will.
  5. Jump into the middle of things, get your hands dirty, fall flat on your face, and then reach for the stars.
  6. I came to realize that life lived to help others is the only one that matters and that it sis my duty ... This is my highest and best use as a human.
  7. I don't consider an actor a star if he's paid $20 million and grimaces in front of the camera and has a stunt man stand in for him. They may be fine actors, but they're not role models. The real stars are wearing body armor in 130-degree heat . . . They're getting shot at and they don't have any stunt doubles standing in for them.
  8. The human spirit needs to accomplish, to achieve, to triumph to be happy
  9. If you can't stand the heat, don't go to Cancun in the summer.
  10. It is inevitable that some defeat will enter even the most victorious life. The human spirit is never finished when it is defeated... it is finished when it surrenders.

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