Best Quotes by Bill Budge (Top 9)

  1. After two weeks of working on a project, you know whether it will work or not.
  2. A quiet personality sure isn't what you need to attract attention.
  3. Any artist always has misgivings about calling himself an artist.
  4. The power of the computer is starting to spread.
  5. I can do whatever I want. They will tell me if what I am doing is stupid or a total waste of time. I may tell them that they are wrong, and we will come to an agreement.
  6. All of the good stuff is going to be done in the future. The stuff we are doing now is crummy compared with what will finally mature.
  7. I have a really powerful urge to see things work.
  8. Even though Raster Blaster was only a video game, I was learning about designing stuff. I got good at drawing.
  9. Everything is getting bigger. The way to go now is to program in a little more sophistication.