Best Quotes by Bill Nye (Top 10)

  1. Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't.
  2. Science is the key to our future, and if you don’t believe in science, then you’re holding everybody back. And it’s fine if you as an adult want to run around pretending or claiming that you don’t believe in evolution, but if we educate a generation of people who don’t believe in science, that’s a recipe for disaster. We talk about the Internet. That comes from science. Weather forecasting. That comes from science. The main idea in all of biology is evolution. To not teach it to our young people is wrong.
  3. The more you find out about the world, the more opportunities there are to laugh at it.
  4. To leave the world better than you found it, sometimes you have to pick up other people's trash.
  5. The natural world is a package deal; you don't get to select which facts you like and which you don't.
  6. The Earth is not 6,000 or 10,000 years old. It's not. And if that conflicts with your beliefs, I strongly feel you should question your beliefs.
  7. Humor is everywhere in that there's irony in just about anything a human does.
  8. When we see the shadow on our images, are we seeing the time 11 minutes ago on Mars? Or are we seeing the time on Mars as observed from Earth now? It's like time travel problems in science fiction. When is now; when was then?
  9. I've always loved airplanes and flight. The space program was really important to me as a kid. I still have a photo of Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon in my living room.
  10. Winter lingered so long in the lap of Spring that it occasioned a great deal of talk.