Best Quotes by Charles Olson (Top 8)

  1. Whatever you have to say, leave The roots on, let them Dangle And the dirt Just to make clear Where they come from.
  2. Knowledge is the harvest of attention
  3. This morning of the small snow I count the blessings, the leak in the faucet which makes of the sink time, the drop of the water on water.
  4. O.K. I'm running out of appetite. Let this swirl- a bit like Crab Nebula- do for now.
  5. A poem is energy transferred from where the poet got it (he will have some several causations), by way of the poem itself to, all the way over to, the reader.
  6. of rhythm is image / of image is knowing / of knowing there is / a construct
  7. Is it not the play of the mind we are after? Is it not that that shows a mind is there at all?
  8. I take space to be the central fact to man born in America. I spell it large because it comes large here. Large and without mercy.