Best Quotes by Edmund Waller (Top 10)

  1. Tea does our fancy aid, Repress those vapours which the head invade And keeps that palace of the soul serene.
  2. All human things Of dearest value hang on slender strings.
  3. Vexed sailors cursed the rain, for which poor shepherds prayed in vain.
  4. Others may use the ocean as their road; Only the English make it their abode.
  5. Illustrious acts high raptures do infuse, And every conqueror creates a muse.
  6. The lark that shuns on lofty boughs to build, Her humble nest, lies silent in the field.
  7. Stronger by weakness, wiser men become.
  8. Poets lose half the praise they should have got, Could it be known what they discreetly blot.
  9. Give us enough but with a sparing hand.
  10. The seas are quiet when the winds give o'er; So calm are we when passions are no more!

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