Best Quotes by George Chapman (Top 10)

  1. An Englishman, being flattered, is a lamb; threatened, a lion.
  2. Let no man under value the price of a virtuous woman's counsel.
  3. Who to himself is law, no law doth need, offends no law, and is a king indeed.
  4. Fair words never hurt the tongue.
  5. Young men think old men are fools; but old men know young men are fools.
  6. Keep thy shop, and thy shop will keep thee. Light gains make heavy purses. 'Tis good to be merry and wise.
  7. There is a nick in Fortune's restless wheel For each man's good.
  8. Enough 's as good as a feast.
  9. Danger, the spur of all great minds.
  10. Flatterers look like friends, as wolves like dogs.

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