Best Quotes by Hanan Ashrawi (Top 8)

  1. You can't simply redefine Jerusalem. The Palestinian claim is based on legality, on the international recognition that the situation created by the war in '67 is not valid.
  2. Control does not come from strong police forces, does not come from oppression and repression, does not come from violating people's rights or giving the security systems undue powers
  3. We need to stop Sharon. His lethal policies are drawing blood on both sides. That's why we need a serious intervention — international troops. And we need to end the occupation if there is to be security for both people.
  4. Beyond the emotionalism and the obvious sense of relief on all sides, I think that there is a recognition that reality may intrude, that perhaps the steps ahead and the days ahead are going to be much more difficult than one expects.
  5. We're here because we want to go to the Orient House. We're here because this is our city. It's an occupied city, I know. They have arms, they have weapons, they have police, they have mortar guns, but it is Palestinian and it is under occupation.
  6. It's not just a question of numbers. There will be more women (in parliament) who are conscious of women's rights ... There will also be women who are not committed to equality.
  7. It's clear Israel has suspended the peace process, despite the so-called moderation of the Arab world, because it has no interest in peace.
  8. We know what they say, they want all of Palestine (including Israel) and say that negotiations did not work. They talk about wanting reform. That doesn't mean they will do it.