Best Quotes by Hugh Blair (Top 10)

  1. Exercise is the chief source of improvement in our faculties.
  2. Worry not about the possible troubles of the future; for if they come, you are but anticipating and adding to their weight; and if they do not come, your worry is useless; and in either case it is weak and in vain, and a distrust of God's providence.
  3. Gentleness corrects whatever is offensive in our manner.
  4. The great standard of literature as to purity and exactness of style is the Bible.
  5. Compassion is an emotion of which we ought never to be ashamed. Graceful, particularly in youth, is the tear of sympathy, and the heart that melts at the tale of woe. We should not permit ease and indulgence to contract our affections, and wrap us up in a selfish enjoyment; but we should accustom ourselves to think of the distresses of human, life, of the solitary cottage; the dying parent, and the weeping orphan. Nor ought we ever to sport with pain and distress in any of our amusements, or treat even the meanest insect with wanton cruelty.
  6. What ever purifies the heart also fortifies it.
  7. Nothing, except what flows from the heart, can render even external manners truly pleasing.
  8. Fretfulness of temper will generally characterize those who are negligent of order.
  9. True gentleness is founded on a sense of what we owe to him who made us and to the common nature which we all share. It arises from reflection on our own failings and wants, and from just views of the condition and duty of man. It is native feeling heightened and improved by principle.
  10. Only mediocrity of enjoyment is allowed to man.

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