Best Quotes by Irving Berlin (Top 10)

  1. Life is 10 percent what you make it, and 90 percent how you take it.
  2. Got no checkbooks, got no banks. Still I'd like to express my thanks - I've got the sun in the mornin' and the moon at night.
  3. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know.
  4. The world would not be in such a snarl, had Marx been Groucho instead of Karl.
  5. The song is ended, but the melody lingers on...
  6. Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force.
  7. Talent is only the starting point.
  8. Everybody ought to have a lower East Side in their life.
  9. You can't write a song out of thin air you have to feel and know what you are writing about.
  10. The toughest thing about success is that you've got to keep on being a success.

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