Best Quotes by John Barth (Top 10)

  1. In art as in lovemaking, heartfelt ineptitude has its appeal and so does heartless skill, but what you want is passionate virtuosity.
  2. Everyone is necessarily the hero of his own life story.
  3. More history is made by secret handshakes than by battles, bills and proclamations.
  4. Every artist joins a conversation that's been going on for generations, even millennia, before he or she joins the scene.
  5. My dear fellow,' Burlingame said, 'we sit here on a blind rock careening through space; we are all of us rushing headlong to the grave. Think you the worms will care, when anon they make a meal of you, whether you spent your moment sighing wigless in your chamber, or sacked the golden towns of Montezuma? Lookee, the day's nigh spent; 'tis gone careening into time forever. Not a tale's length past we lined our bowels with dinner, and already they growl for more. We are dying men, Ebenezer: i'faith, there's time for naught but bold resolves!
  6. Those rituals of getting ready to write produce a kind of trance state.
  7. Self knowledge is always bad news.
  8. All men are loyal, but their objects of allegiance are at best approximate.
  9. I admire writers who can make complicated things simple, but my own talent has been to make simple things complicated.
  10. Nothing is loathsomer than the self-loathing of a self one loathes.

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