Best Quotes by Joni Mitchell (Top 10)

  1. We are stardustBillion-year old carbonAnd we've got to get ourselves back to the garden"
  2. Chase away the demons, and they will take the angels with them.
  3. people will tell you were they have gone, they'll tell you where to go, but until you get there for yourself you never really know.
  4. All romantics meet the same fate some day. Drunk and cynical and boring someone in some dark cafe.
  5. You've got to shake your fists at lightning now, you've got to roar like forest fire You've got to spread your light like blazes all across the sky They're going to aim the hoses on you, show 'em you won't expire Not till you burn up every passion, not even when you die Come on now, you've got to try, if you're feeling contempt, well then you tell it If you're tired of the silent night, Jesus, well then you yell it Condemned to wires and hammers, strike every chord that you feel That broken trees and elephant ivories conceal
  6. All I really, really want our love to do is to bring out the best in me and in you too.
  7. There are things to confess that enrich the world, and things that need not be said.
  8. Won't you stay We'll put on the day And we'll talk in present tenses
  9. Oh, the jealousy, the greed is the unraveling. It's the unraveling and it undoes all the joy that could be. .
  10. When I think of your kisses my mind see-saws.

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