Best Quotes by Laurie R. King (Top 10)

  1. I crawled into my book and pulled the pages over my head...
  2. That's what tears are for, you know, to wash away the fear and cool the hate.
  3. Using insult instead of argument is the sign of a small mind.
  4. You cannot help being a female, and I should be something of a fool were I to discount your talents merely because of their housing.
  5. I took to the Bodleian library as to a lover and ... would sit long hours in Bodley's arms to emerge, blinking and dazed with the small and feel of all those books.
  6. Men do, I've found, accept the most errant nonsense from a well dressed woman
  7. I undid the wrappings with great curiosity, for Holmes did not normally give gifts. I opened the dark velvet jewller's box and found inside a shiny new set of picklocks, a younger version of his own. "Holmes, ever the romantic. Mrs. Hudson would be pleased.
  8. ...but somehow the madness around me and the turmoil I carried within myself acted as counterweights, and I survived in the centre.
  9. I think very few people are completely normal really, deep down in their private lives. It all depends on a combination of circumstances. If all the various cosmic thingummys fuse at the same moment, and the right spark is struck, there's no knowing what one mightn't do.
  10. . . . the first spring in five free from the rumour of guns across the Channel, a spring anxious to make up for the cold winter, life bursting out after four years of death. All of England raised her face to the sun. . .

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