Best Quotes by Leontyne Price (Top 9)

  1. The ultimate of being successful is the luxury of giving yourself the time to do what you want to do.
  2. If you are going to think black, think positive about it. Don't think down on it, or think it is something in your way. And this way, when you really do want to stretch out and express how beautiful black is, everybody will hear you.
  3. Accomplishments have no color
  4. Who I am is the best I can be.
  5. You should always know when you're shifting gears in life. You should leave your era; it should never leave you.
  6. For a long time the only time I felt beautiful-in the sense of being complete as a woman, as a human being, and even female-was when I was singing.
  7. I am here and you will know that I am the best and will hear me.
  8. If I do have some success, I'd like to enjoy it, for heaven's sake! What is the point of having it otherwise?
  9. Stay up and really burn the midnight oil. There are no compromises.