Best Quotes by Morton Feldman (Top 9)

  1. Compositionally I always wanted to be like Fred Astaire.
  2. If you think you might have secret information listening to me, you're lost.
  3. Art in relation to life is nothing more than a glove turned inside out. It seems to have the same shapes and contours, but it can never be used for the same purpose. Art teaches nothing about life, just as life teaches us nothing about art.
  4. Since music has never had a Rembrandt, we have remained nothing more than musicians.
  5. I have a very dear friend, a great painter, called me up very upset, the work wasn't going well"¦ He asked me to come to his studio — which I did — I looked around at the work, dozens of sketches, drawings, large pictures, and I was very close to his work, intensely involved with his work, and he asked me, "˜What's wrong?' And I said, "˜Simple "“ it's a loss of nerve.
  6. I was once married to a woman who could eat anything and tell you what was in it: the most complicated recipes. Her memory of taste - now that's what I call memory!
  7. I'm not suspicious, I'm just careful.
  8. What was great about the 50s is that for one brief moment - maybe, say, six weeks - nobody understood art.
  9. Music is essentially built upon primitive memory structures.