Best Quotes by Nadine Gordimer (Top 10)

  1. The truth isn't always beauty, but the hunger for it is.
  2. I have failed at many things, but I have never been afraid.
  3. What is the purpose of writing? For me personally, it is really to explain the mystery of life, and the mystery of life includes, of course, the personal, the political, the forces that make us what we are while there's another force from inside battling to make us something else.
  4. Writing is making sense of life. You work your whole life and perhaps you've made sense of one small area.
  5. A truly living human being cannot remain neutral.
  6. The solitude of writing is also quite frightening. It's quite close to madness, one just disappears for a day and loses touch.
  7. My answer is: Recognize yourself in others
  8. The primacy of the word, basis of the human psyche, that has in our age been used for mind-bending persuasion and brain-washing pulp, disgraced by Gobbles and debased by advertising copy, remains a force for freedom that flies out between all bars.
  9. Time is change; we measure its passing by how much things alter.
  10. Responsibility is what awaits outside the Eden of Creativity.

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