Best Quotes by Novalis (Top 10)

  1. Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.
  2. Life must not be a novel that is given to us, but one that is made by us.
  3. A hero is one who knows how to hang on one minute longer.
  4. To romanticize the world is to make us aware of the magic, mystery and wonder of the world; it is to educate the senses to see the ordinary as extraordinary, the familiar as strange, the mundane as sacred, the finite as infinite.
  5. Where are we really going? Always home.
  6. Philosophy is really nostalgia, the desire to be at home.
  7. Learning is pleasurable but doing is the height of enjoyment.
  8. Sometimes with the most intense pain a paralysis of sensibility occurs. The soul disintegrates—hence the deadly frost—the free power of the mind—the shattering, ceaseless wit of this kind of despair. There is no inclination for anything any more—the person is alone, like a baleful power—as he has no connection with the rest of the world he consumes himself gradually—and in accordance with his own principle he is—misanthropic and misotheos.
  9. There is but one temple in the universe, and that is the body of man.
  10. We are near waking when we dream we are dreaming.

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