Best Quotes by Patricia Hampl (Top 4)

  1. I don't write about what I know: I write in order to find out what I know.
  2. Maybe being oneself is an acquired taste. For a writer it's a big deal to bow—or kneel or get knocked down—to the fact that you are going to write your own books and not somebody else's. Not even those books of the somebody else you thought it was your express business to spruce yourself up to be.
  3. Memoir is trustworthy and its truth assured when it seeks the relation of self to time, the piecing of the shards of personal experience into the starscape of history's night. The materials of memoir are humble, fugitive, a cottage knitting industry seeking narrative truth across the crevasse of time as autobiography folds itself into the vast, fluid essay that is history. A single voice singing its aria in a corner of the crowded world.
  4. Looking repeatedly into the past, you do not necessarily become fascinated with your own life, but rather with the phenomenon of memory.