Best Quotes by Paul Gauguin (Top 10)

  1. I shut my eyes in order to see.
  2. is either plagiarism or revolution.
  3. Color which, like music, is a matter of vibrations, reaches what is most general and therefore most indefinable in nature: its inner power.
  4. We never really know what stupidity is until we have experimented on ourselves.
  5. Life is hardly more than a fraction of a second. Such a little time to prepare oneself for eternity!
  6. Life being what it is, one dreams of revenge.
  7. It is the eye of ignorance that assigns a fixed and unchangeable color to every object; beware of this stumbling block.
  8. The history of modern art is also the history of the progressive loss of art's audience. Art has increasingly become the concern of the artist and the bafflement of the public.
  9. Art requires philosophy, just as philosophy requires art. Otherwise, what would become of beauty?
  10. There is always a heavy demand for fresh mediocrity. In every generation the least cultivated taste has the largest appetite.

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