Best Quotes by Raquel Welch (Top 10)

  1. We all have a childhood dream that when there is love, everything goes like silk, but the reality is that marriage requires a lot of compromise.
  2. There aren't any hard women, only soft men.
  3. You can't fake listening. It shows.
  4. Once you get rid of the idea that you must please other people before you please yourself, and you begin to follow your own instincts - only then can you be successful. You become more satisfied, and when you are, other people will tend to be satisfied by what you do.
  5. I was not a classic mother. But my kids were never palmed off to boarding school. So, I didn't bake cookies. You can buy cookies, but you can't buy love.
  6. Latinos are here to stay. As citizen Raquel, I'm proud to be Latina.
  7. I was always willing to take a great deal of the burden of getting along in life on my own shoulders, but I wasn't willing to give myself a pat on the back. I was always looking to somebody else to give me that. .. That was all wrong.
  8. Change excites me. I am fifty years old. It's when the mind catches up with the body.
  9. The mind can also be an erogenous zone.
  10. My body is the shape I live in and it shapes the way I live.

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