Best Quotes by Roland Barthes (Top 10)

  1. I am interested in language because it wounds or seduces me.
  2. Am I in love? —yes, since I am waiting. The other one never waits. Sometimes I want to play the part of the one who doesn't wait; I try to busy myself elsewhere, to arrive late; but I always lose at this game. Whatever I do, I find myself there, with nothing to do, punctual, even ahead of time. The lover's fatal identity is precisely this: I am the one who waits.
  3. Each of us has his own rhythm of suffering.
  4. Language is a skin: I rub my language against the other. It is as if I had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words. My language trembles with desire.
  5. ...language is never innocent.
  6. Ultimately "” or at the limit "” in order to see a photograph well, it is best to look away or close your eyes. 'The necessary condition for an image is sight,'Janouch told Kafka; and Kafka smiled and replied: 'We photograph things in order to drive them out of our minds. My stories are a way of shutting my eyes.
  7. What the Photograph reproduces to infinity has occurred only once: the Photograph mechanically repeats what could never be repeated existentially.
  8. We know that the war against intelligence is always waged in the name of common sense.
  9. Don't say mourning. It's too psychoanalytic. I'm not mourning. I'm suffering.
  10. To try to write love is to confront the muck of language: that region of hysteria where language is both too much and too little, excessive and impoverished.

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