Best Quotes by Thomas Love Peacock (Top 10)

  1. Clouds on clouds, in volumes driven, curtain round the vault of heaven.
  2. The juice of the grape is the liquid quintessence of concentrated sunbeams.
  3. The waste of plenty is the resource of scarcity.
  4. Nothing can be more obvious than that all animals were created solely and exclusively for the use of man.
  5. I like the immaterial world. I like to live among thoughts and images of the past and the possible, and even of the impossible, now and then.
  6. Names are changed more readily than doctrines, and doctrines more readily than ceremonies.
  7. Marriage may often be a stormy lake, but celibacy is almost always a muddy horsepond.
  8. A book that furnishes no quotations is no book - it is a plaything.
  9. I almost think it is the ultimate destiny of science to exterminate the human race.
  10. I never failed to convince an audience that the best thing they could do was to go away.

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