Best Quotes by Ani DiFranco (Top 10)

  1. I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.
  2. Taken out of context I must seem so strange.
  3. When I look down, I miss all the good stuff And when I look up, I just trip over things...
  4. Maybe you don't like your job, maybe you didn't get enough sleep, well nobody likes their job, nobody got enough sleep. Maybe you just had the worst day of your life, but you know, there's no escape, there's no excuse, so just suck up and be nice.
  5. I don't care if they eat me alive, I've got better things to do then survive.
  6. Squint your eyes and look closer I'm not between you and your ambition I am a poster girl with no poster I am thirty-two flavors and then some And I'm beyond your peripheral vision So you might want to turn your head Cause someday you might find you're starving and eating all of the words you said.
  7. Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right.
  8. Men make angry music and it's called rock-and-roll; women include anger in their vocabulary and suddenly they're angry and militant.
  9. They can call me crazy if I fail, all the chance that I need, is one-in-a-million and they can call me brilliant if I succeed.
  10. My idea of feminism is self-determination, and it's very open-ended: every woman has the right to become herself, and do whatever she needs to do.

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