Best Quotes by Bill Veeck (Top 10)

  1. The true harbinger of spring is not crocuses or swallows returning to Capistrano, but the sound of the bat on the ball.
  2. Baseball is almost the only orderly thing in a very unorderly world. If you get three strikes, even the best lawyer in the world can't get you off.
  3. There are only two seasons - winter and Baseball.
  4. I try not to break the rules but merely to test their elasticity.
  5. I have discovered in 20 years of moving around a ballpark, that the knowledge of the game is usually in inverse proportion to the price of the seats.
  6. Look, we play the Star Spangled Banner before every game. You want us to pay income taxes, too?
  7. The most beautiful thing in the world is a ballpark filled with people.
  8. I'm for the dreamers. The only really important things in history have been started by the dreamers. They never know what can't be done.
  9. I do not think that winning is the most important thing. I think winning is the only thing.
  10. Baseball is the only game left for people. To play basketball, you have to be 7 feet 6 inches. To play football, you have to be the same width.

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