Best Quotes by Branch Rickey (Top 10)

  1. I find fault with my children because I like them and I want them to go places - uprightness and strength and courage and civil respect and anything that affects the probabilities of failure on the part of those that are closest to me, that concerns me - I find fault.
  2. It is not the honor that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind.
  3. Man may penetrate the outer reaches of the universe, he may solve the very secret of eternity itself but for me, the ultimate human experience is to witness the flawless execution of the hit-and-run.
  4. If things don't come easy, there is no premium on effort. There should be joy in the chase, zest in the pursuit.
  5. Ethnic prejudice has no place in sports, and baseball must recognize that truth if it is to maintain stature as a national game.
  6. The greatest untapped reservoir of raw material in the history of our game is the black race.
  7. Problems are the price you pay for progress.
  8. I don't care if I was a ditch-digger at a dollar a day, I'd want to do my job better than the fellow next to me. I'd want to be the best at whatever I do.
  9. A full mind is an empty bat.
  10. Don't worry about your individual numbers. Worry about the team. If the team is successful, each of you will be successful, too.

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