Best Quotes by Emily Post (Top 10)

  1. Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.
  2. Good manners reflect something from inside-an innate sense of consideration for others and respect for self.
  3. Nothing is less important than which fork you use. Etiquette is the science of living. It embraces everything. It is ethics. It is honor.
  4. The attributes of a great lady may still be found in the rule of the four S's: Sincerity, Simplicity, Sympathy and Serenity.
  5. Whenever two people come together and their behavior affects one another, you have etiquette.
  6. Ideal conversation must be an exchange of thought, and not, as many of those who worry most about their shortcomings believe, an eloquent exhibition of wit or oratory.
  7. A gentleman does not boast about his junk.
  8. The letter we all love to receive is one that carries so much of the writer's personality that she seems to be sitting beside us, looking at us directly and talking just as she really would, could she have come on a magic carpet, instead of sending her proxy in ink-made characters on mere paper.
  9. To the old saying that man built the house but woman made of it a 'home' might be added the modern supplement that woman accepted cooking as a chore but man has made of it a recreation.
  10. To do exactly as your neighbors do is the only sensible rule.

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