Best Quotes by Georges Bernanos (Top 10)

  1. It's a fine thing to rise above pride, but you must have pride in order to do so.
  2. A poor man with nothing in his belly needs hope, illusion, more than bread.
  3. The first sign of corruption in a society that is still alive is that the end justifies the means.
  4. Little things seem nothing, but they give peace, like those meadow flowers which individually seem odorless but all together perfume the air.
  5. A thought which does not result in an action is nothing much, and an action which does not proceed from a thought is nothing at all.
  6. Hope is a risk that must be run.
  7. Faith is not a thing which one 'loses', we merely cease to shape our lives by it.
  8. What does the truth matter? Haven't we mothers all given our sons a taste for lies, lies which from the cradle upwards lull them, reassure them, send them to sleep: lies as soft and warm as a breast!
  9. No one ever discovers the depths of his own loneliness.
  10. Lust is a mysterious wound in the side of humanity; or rather, at the very source of its life! To confound this lust in man with that desire which unites the sexes is like confusing a tumor with the very organ which it devours, a tumor whose very deformity horribly reproduces the shape.

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