Best Quotes by Hubert H. Humphrey (Top 10)

  1. The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.
  2. The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
  3. It was once said that the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.
  4. Behind every successful man is a proud wife and a surprised mother-in-law.
  5. Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate.
  6. Compassion is not weakness, and concern for the unfortunate is not socialism.
  7. It is not what they take away from you that counts. It's what you do with what you have left.
  8. Never give in and never give up.
  9. This, then, is the test we must set for ourselves; not to march alone but to march in such a way that others will wish to join us.
  10. Fortunately, the time has long passed when people liked to regard the United States as some kind of melting pot, taking men and women from every part of the world and converting them into standardized, homogenized Americans. We are, I think, much more mature and wise today. Just as we welcome a world of diversity, so we glory in an America of diversity — an America all the richer for the many different and distinctive strands of which it is woven.

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