Best Quotes by Mary Higgins Clark (Top 6)

  1. Funny, when you finally faced reality, it was amazing how clearly you could see things.
  2. When someone is mean to me, I just make them a victim in my next book.
  3. It's funny how, even long after you've accepted the grief of losing someone you love and truly have gotten on with your life, every once in a while something comes up that plays "gotcha," and for a moment or tow the car tissue seperates and the wound is raw again.
  4. live your life as if you may lose everything.
  5. Approach your lives as if they were novels, with their own heroes, villains, red herrings, and triumphs
  6. Happines is like mercury. Hard to hold, and when we drop it, it shatters into a million pieces. Maybe the bravest of all are those who have the courage to reach for it again.