Best Quotes by Ray Allen (Top 10)

  1. Everything I know now . . . the pitfalls, the highs and lows, everything . . . it taught me and made stronger.
  2. I'm always ready to step up and take that shot.
  3. Everyone has to do their job. Everyone has to buy into it and believe in what we're trying to do regardless of who's playing and who's not.
  4. A tough woman. That lady has touched more people than I've ever known.
  5. Inside the first 20 to 25 games of the season, we were losing these games, getting beat by two and three points. Over the last 10 games, it seems like we're starting to win these games and putting some good things together.
  6. When I hit one over, I knew I was good.
  7. It was Chinese music. I couldnt understand it, but it had a good beat to it.
  8. Most teams have one All-Star, whether that guy made it this year or earlier in his career, and some teams have two All-Stars. What theyre showing is that a group of five guys that play together and play hard will always beat a team with two All-Stars and three average players.
  9. Right now, we're not a team. I think we're genuinely happy for each other when we're out there on the court. We've got to find new and different ways to support each other on the floor. The comfort zone that we've been in, we've got to change it a little bit. Everybody has onus on this team. It's easy for someone to say, 'I play only 10 minutes a game, so they're not talking about me.' But that 10 minutes is just as important.
  10. What brought me back here was my players, ... I know who Rashard (Lewis) is. I know who Nick (Collison) and Luke are, and I don't know what those other guys (on other teams) bring to the table. This is where I've made home and I didn't want anything different and I didn't need anything different.